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SBB is improving its services for travelling with bicycles for the 2021 cycling season in response to strong demand and to insufficient capacity last summer.

There has been a sharp increase in demand for travelling with bikes and holidays in Switzerland due to the coronavirus crisis. In some cases this has led to capacity shortages and dissatisfied customers. For example, around 45% more Bike Day Passes were sold in the peak month of July 2020 compared to the previous year.

In view of the forthcoming cycling season, which begins on 21 March, SBB has introduced various changes to make travelling with bikes easier:

  • Increase in capacity - SBB is increasing capacity for the self-service loading of bicycles at times of high demand on the key leisure travel lines, tripling capacity compared to the current levels where possible. To and from Ticino as well.
  • Reservation for bike spaces - The price for reservations will be reduced from CHF 5 to CHF 2 for a continuous connection.
  • Credit for holders of the annual bike pass - Holders of the annual bike pass will receive one-off credit for 25 reservations worth CHF 50.
Link to the press release of the SBB.

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